Tiger Tape - 1/4
Tiger Tape - 1/4
Tiger Tape - 1/4
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Tiger Tape - 1/4" Straight Line Quilting - Marking Tape

Perfect for straight line quilting or any craft that needs a guideline and is marked at 9 lines per inch. Package includes 30 yards of printed 1/4" wide tape.

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Particularly great for straight line quilting, this is one of Tiger Tape's most popular sizes! It's so easy to use - just follow the lines to create perfect stitches every time!

It can also be used for blanket stitching, hemming, embroidery stitches, top stitching or any other craft that requires a guide line. When doing handwork, simply following the lines. This size is great for a ton of different sewing and quilting applications. The creativity truly begins with you!

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