Red Boiled Wool -  100% Wool Fabric - 387gsm
Red Boiled Wool -  100% Wool Fabric - 387gsm
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Red Boiled Wool - 100% Wool Fabric - 387gsm

100% Wool, Top Dyed. 150cm wide aprox. Measured by the metre

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Boiled wool is as simple as the name suggests. It is made by boiling wool to shrink and compress the fibres, which shrink to around 20% to 50% in size, so it has the appearance of a tighter, felt-like material. (If you’ve ever made the mistake of putting your woollens in a hot wash, you’ll know the effect that the heat has on your wool!).

It is used in a wide range of winter garments, including coats, jackets, vests and cardigans. You might also recognise the material as it’s often used for items such as berets, boots, slippers, hats and bags. The warmth and durability of the fabric also makes it ideal for blankets, rugs and throws.

You will find that boiled wool is super warm and windproof, so it’s no wonder it’s used for so many winter garments!

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