Prym Fabric Grips - Self Adhesive
Prym Fabric Grips - Self Adhesive
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Prym Fabric Grips - Self Adhesive

* Stops rulers and stencils from slipping *Guides rotary cutters and art knives safely *Particularly practical on smooth fabrics *Self-adhesive

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Particularly when you are working with very smooth fabrics, the ruler or stencil can slip and lead to mistakes in cutting. The best solution for rulers or stencils with smooth undersides are therefore the self-adhesive fabric grips from Prym. These can be stuck in various places on the underside to prevent irksome slipping and to eliminate mistakes in cutting. Whether for an Omnigrid patchwork ruler or a dressmaker's ruler: these non-slip fabric grippers are a safe, practical accessory on all smooth fabrics.

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