My First Knitting Book by Susan Akass
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My First Knitting Book by Susan Akass

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Learn how to knit different stitches and patterns and you'll soon be making all sorts of fun items. Divided into four chapters, the book includes a level of 1, 2, or 3 for every project, and comes with easyto-read instructions and adorable, step-by-step artworks that will guide you along the way. In Accessories you'll find cute little bow hair clips and decorative buttons, a panda hat, fingerless gloves, a keyring charm, and lots more. Warm & Cozy has pretty mouse mittens, an earflap hat, and a cowl. Then you can have a go at Bedroom Essentials, and try making a heart cushion or a caterpillar doorstop for your room. Lastly, Playtime has cute ideas for toys and other pretty things you'll love to make, such as an alien, a rag doll, and a doctor's stethoscope. Finally, the basic techniques section covers every knitting technique you'll need to know, as well as yarns, needles, and stitches.

If you love colourful yarns and being creative, you'll love the projects in this book
Craft Industry Today says 'Tweens are sewing, knitting and crocheting. These retro crafts provide a sense of accomplishment and the opportunity for individual style'.

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