Mending With Boro by Harumi Horiuchi
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Mending With Boro by Harumi Horiuchi

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Boro is the Japanese straight stitch used to repair and reinforce fabrics that is the basis for Sashiko. It is a favourite among visible mending enthusiasts because of its simplicity and because it adds an intriguing textural element to favourite garments and home furnishings. In this new book, Sashiko expert Harumi Horiuchi shares her ideas for using Boro to patch holes and tears, reinforce worn areas, and add fresh details to garments. Her approach is simple--the things you love are worth fixing, and rediscovering favourite items by giving them a new look and feel is not only an adventure but also good for the environment. Her demonstrations and instructions make the process easy and enjoyable. Here are just a few of the things you'll learn in this book: Discover the pleasure of working with old fabrics and making classic neutrals come alive. Be inspired to give favourite scraps of cloth new purpose, whether patching a well-loved skirt or a pair of jeans.

Learn to revive a faithful cloth bag, or even something knitted like a favourite pair of old wool socks. And so much more! There's no need to stop at reinforcement and repair. Remake an entire garment by artfully patching it here, there and everywhere. The more you patch, the more unique your garment becomes. This book will be just the start of giving new life to hundreds of old things!

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