King Size Quilt Wadding - 124
King Size Quilt Wadding - 124
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King Size Quilt Wadding - 124" Wide Approx - Cotton Blend Batting

Cotton Blend KING SIZE Wadding from Sew Simple. 124" Wide.

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The perfect wadding for your extra large quilts.  This is a very generous 124" wide so no need to join wadding pieces for big quilts.  This is priced per yard and cut to the nearest quarter yard according to your requirements - please contact us if you are unsure how much you need!

When you're making a quilt, finding the correct wadding is super important.  Though it is perhaps not the most fun purchase for the project (we have a very wide range of beautiful quilting fabrics that take that mantle), it is a very important one: providing the warmth, durability and essential snugness of a given quilt.

Ensuring that you have the correct amount of wadding is essential to the success of the project: too much makes a quilt that is too heavy and hot, while too little makes it cold, limp and lifeless.

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