Crocheted Hats And Scarves by Nicki Trench
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Crocheted Hats And Scarves by Nicki Trench

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It takes no time at all to crochet a scarf or a hat, and Nicki Trench has created a wide range of contemporary designs, with a variety of stitches and fashionable colours, so you’ll really stand out from the crowd. Start with the soft and cosy seashell stitch scarf or the bright beanie hat which can be made in a range of eye-catching colours. Not every scarf or hat has to just be for winter! The delicate daisy scarf and the pretty rose headband can be worn all year round. There are also handy stash-busters such as the granny square patchwork scarf and the pompom hat for babies. All the stitches are explained and there are infinite possibilities to match your accessories to your outfit with Crocheted Hats and Scarves.

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