Quilt Yarn Stitch is a whirlwind of a story, just like it’s owner Roisin.  In January 2012 Roisin advertised her first Patchwork and Quilting class.  It filled on the first night.  Excited by that, she advertised a second class and pretty quickly that filled too.  Never one to rest on her laurels and in a typically unorthodox fashion Roisin decided to open a little shop, two days a week in the back of her husband’s TV shop.

She needed supplies to feed her fabric loving students and in September 2012 The Quilt Shop opened it’s doors and her classes moved from a rented room in a nearby school to her new custom designed classroom.  She had this crazy idea when she opened her shop that she would sew the days away in between serving customers.  But thankfully that was not to be.  Her classes quickly grew from 2 to 5 and then to 7 and the customers kept coming through the doors.  

She was quickly running out of room so when her husband closed his TV shop she extended hers and opened full time and brought a team of great women along with her to help in the running of the shop.  Though she originally started as a dedicated Quilt Shop, the shop became much more than that and so in 2016 we rebranded to become Quilt Yarn Stitch.  The bursting at the seams shop (pardon the pun) is now a haven for fabric and yarn lovers of all kinds and Roisin and her team love serving them all - quilters, dressmakers, knitters, crocheters, crafters, guys and girls, young and old - Roisin and her team try and pick fabrics and yarns to suit all budgets and tastes - so there’s something for everyone.  We are hoping our new webshop will reflect that and be a place where you can find lots of lovely things you like too.


Here in Quilt Yarn Stitch we aim to be the best we can in every element of our business.  We love sharing our knowledge in our classes and workshops and we will eventually share as much of this as we can in our education section on our webshop.  We love helping our customers.  We want to have a webshop that you truly love and that is your "go to" shop for all of your needs particularly for patchwork and quilting.  We want to get it right for you so if you have any question, please ask us.  That’s what we are here for.  We think we are pretty good at helping.  And as we are only starting out on our online journey you could help us too - so please do give us any feedback you can, we value it all, if you think there is anything we should try and add or do better we want to hear it.

Thanks for visiting us here on Quilt Yarn Stitch.  Here’s to what we hope is a happy relationship with you x

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